Bio: I am always looking for expansion into new thoughts and ideas, along with a building upon what I understand, know and experience. The things I personally study and use in my life daily are; meditation (binaural rhythms, mantras, color therapy, light council, guided, etc.), astrology (natal, karmic past lives, soul paths, mayan or kin, chinese, celtic, tree, etc.), chakra (balance, alignment, education, etc.), Psychoacoustics (brain wave study with the influence of music), Light Worker involvement, and Fractal/Light Path study. Accompanied with the practice of self awareness, introspection, enlightenment, balance and the higher calling. My Spiritual Evolution is on the verge of peaking. I am about to turn 30 and my soul is on the path to full enlightenment and I am currently seeking the answers of what my true calling is for my soul and this part of my life cycle. I am in search of a brotherhood/community of like minded and present practicing people to share my life with and be apart of in this life.

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